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KTC BR3E ratchet
80 degree rivet remover
Connector Release Plirs
Koken ko14124/3 Wheel lock Remover
Koken ko14124/3 Wheel lock Remover
This remover is a good seller to every type of mechanic that must put up with missing wheel lok keys.
Just Tap on the reverse threaded socket and spin off the lok with your imact gun.
Flat rate mechanics say this tool pays off with just one or two uses...
The set consists of two double side sockets with an agressive tapered left hand thread. Size 21 x 24.5 & 26 x 27.5m. The taper allows it to lock onto 17m through 22m wheel lug sockets. Some contemporary cars have changed wheel lugs to a style that cannot be twisted off with a taper socket...

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