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Volkswagen / Audi Specialty Tools

Volkswagen / Audi Special Tools

A Work in Process, Items Added daily. “KEEP CHECKING BACK”

 Stahlwille SF3054/5 1/2" Dr. Socket Set. German Car Mix. XZN & HEX
 Stahlwille 3054X-M14 Spline Socket
 Stahlwille DIN 894, Style 4004 Single-end Spanners
24,27,36,41 and 46 mm
 Stahlwille SF51 1/2" Dr. Deep thin walled sockets.
including the popular 30mm
 Stahlwille 1591N Terminal Extractors
 Sir 17m Magnetic V Wrench
 Sir P229 Distributor Puller
 Sir P217 Rivet Driver
 Mis-sp62400 VW & Audi Cam Shaft Belt Tensioner - 98 and newer
 Mis-SCH88750 Schley/SP Oxygen Sensor Socket
 ASTFZ31 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ22 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ41 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ1002 Cooling System Adapter KIT
 Camshaft Phasing Gear Puller T40001
 KTC B2107PA Unique Drop-in Palm Ratchet & Socket Kit --Shorter & Stronger--
 Sir Tools ST6014A VW TDI CAM LOK
 Sir Tools VA 6040 VW/Audi brake caliper rotator
 T40058 Crankshaft Socket
 T 40026 Crank Lock Pin
 T 40028 Camshaft Adjusting Socket
 T40030 Camshaft Alignment Fixture
 3242 Locking Pin
 AST 3243 Camshaft Alignment Tool
 AST 3359 TDI Lock Pin
 AST 3391 Camshaft Alignment Tool
 AST 10252 Camshaft Locking Tool
 AST 3428 New TDI Cam Lock Bar
 T 6632 VW/Audi Coil Pack Puller
  6639 VW/Audi Coil Pack Puller
 T10100 Crankshaft Stop
 AST T40005 Audi Cam Align. Tool
 AST6800 TDI Timing Belt Tool Set
 AST T40057 VW Oil Filter Housing Drain
 AST 3568 VR-6 Camshaft Ruler
 AST VW522O Polydrive #10 Socket (Old # T40080)
 AST 3366 Bracket for Chain Adjuster/JTC 4664
 Koken 154M Ratcheting Ring Wrench
 AST 6500X18 18mm, 12-Pt. Socket
 AST S1054X10 10mm Allen Socket
 AST H 794 U3 Piston Ring Compressor
 4873 hub puller axle installer - European pattern
 Bushing Master Kit
 Koken 3350M (L120) Extra Deep Socket 10mm and 12mm
 VW/Audi Head Bolt Socket- 10m Polydrive
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