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VIM Tools

Offering innovative solutions to make the automotive technicianís job easier.

Durston Manufacturing has manufactured special application tools since 1932. Working with market demand and innovative inventors to design and bring new tool ideas to market.

 VIM LSP1 Lip Seal Puller
 VIM_VIS 105 Ball-end Allen Bits Driver Set
 VIM_VIS 104 Ball Hex Bit Set
 VIM_ VIS 105 Metric Ball Hex Set
 Vim Ball Torx Bit Set
 Half Cut Stubby Bit Set
 Vim HCT1050 1/2" Cut Torx
 VIM Locking Square Drive
 Vim Power Drive Nut-Setters
 Master ball driver bit set-including ball torx bits!
 VIM_BHI 100 Ball & Hex Bit Set
 VIM_BHM 100 Ball & Hex Bit Set
 VIM_NDM 100 Hex Nut Driver Set
 Vim_MND 900 Nut Driver set
 VIM HD500 - 1/2 Hand Drive Locking Extension Set.
 VIM HD375
 Vim Driver Bits
 VIM SDE 1000V Insulated Screwdriver
 VIM_V 120 Magnetic Screwdriver
 VIM_SD4 XZN - XZN Screwdriver
 VIM_DT 6000 Upholstery Tool Set
 VIM_DT 6100 Trim & MoldingTool Set
 VIM Heavy Duty Shears
 VIM_MEG 22 Wire Puller
 VIM_V 230 Snap Ring Plier
 VIM_V 243 Oil Filter Plier,
 VIM Adjustable Slide-Lock Pliers
 VIM_FC 24 Pickup Tool
 VIM_V 388 Hood Prop
 VIM_V511-03 Organizing Tray
 VIM_510-03 Organizing Tray
 VIM 5-Piece Finger Ratchet Set
 VIM 1/4 in Bit Ratchet
 VW/Audi Head Bolt Socket- 10m Polydrive
 Koken 3/8 dr allen sockets
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Miniature Metric Nut Driver set
Miniature Metric Nut Driver Set. 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, & 6mm