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Trim And Molding Tools

And other gadgets that make the job easier.
Having the right tool can make any job a lot easier. Over the years many customers have found these tools to be among the very best available. We anticipate many new additions based on your suggestions and some new products being introduced in the next couple months.

All Items

 Dent-Pro DF609 Wedge Set
 Hazet 2520-1 grill hook
 Hazet 4684-1 or -2, Pull-Hook
 Knipex dolphin nose plier
 Knipex 10in. Diagonal Cutter Straight or Offset
 AST MW35 Hard Black Wedge Set
 KTC atp2014 Panel Popper Kit -
 KTC heavy duty composite pry levers
 KTC 35 degree clip removal tool
 KTC202B 80 degree offset clip plier
 KTC - ATP 2092A Short handle clip removing set a JDM pproduct
 KTC Trim Tools "Flat Rate Shipping
 KTC AE45T Hose Picks
 KTC_AMLB8 Headlight Aimer.
 Lisle 63900 Window Holders
 Lisle 30500 Earless Clamp Plier
 Lisle 47900 Hose Remover Plier
 Plastic Scraper / Pry Bar
 Stahlwille SF10769B/7 Tamper Proof T-Handle Torx® Set.
 Stahlwille SF4797 Mini Screwdriver Set
 VIM_DT 6100 Trim & MoldingTool Set
 VIM_MEG 22 Wire Puller
 VIM_V 120 Magnetic Screwdriver
  Panel Separator- alloy steel
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