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We find that many of our customers, affiliates and associates are doing some pretty interesting things. Building hot rods, restoring antiques, expanding their shop, inventing tools, etc. Many of them also have unique ways of spending their leisure time We dedicate this section of our website to those adventuress people. If you are up to something you think others would find of interest shoot us an Email. Send us some pictures, we will put them here for the world to see.

We invite you to participate in our discussion group. We created this forum as a place for those in the Automotive Service Industry to exchange ideas and share knowledge. There is no need to register or provide personal information to participate. All we ask is that you keep it clean and try to stay on topic.

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Got a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or whatever, that you think is great? Show it off here, send us a picture and tell us about it. It will be here for all to see.

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