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Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Drive Metric Individually Or Set
Koken Stud Extractor 1/2

Everyone that needs to extract a metric stud needs this tool! If you work on a European,Japanese, or American car this tool will save hours. The extractor slips over the stud and locks with a quarter turn in either direction allowing easy removal of the stud. No more double nutting or countless hours trying to muscle a stud out with a visegrip. This tool has the slimiest profile and the highest quality steel construction- don't be fooled by a cheap product-this one really works. We have recently added a 7mm size due to demand from new smaller valvue engines.

Stud Extractor 1/2" Drive Individually Or Set. 6MM,7MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14mm. Note: Set has 5 pcs - 6,8,10,12,14.

Also available in SAE see link below.

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Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Dr. SAE - Individually Or Set
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