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Star Products TU469 Fuel Preasure Gauge
Star Products TU469 Fuel Preasure Gauge If you ever had to sort through some of those 70 piece fuel gauge kits trying to find the proper schrader valve adapter- then you will appreciate this gauge kit. This is a very large easy to read gauge complete with a long hose, a bleed off valve and two short adapter hoses for the two size schrader valves used on most modern fuel systems. It can't get any simpler and you will marvel at the ease of use every time you take it out. Keep that big master fuel injection set for times you have any extra hour to assemble the proper adapters. Use this simple set and put the money saved in your pocket. You can purchase several different adapters such as right angle schrader connectors and a T fitting for EFI type systems. These other adapters run around $26.00 ea - email or call for price and availability.

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