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Splash Pad-Round

Splash Pad-Round 15 inch round drain pan insert- scotchbrite type material- eliminates most splashes.
Enhance your mechanical life by eliminating one of the most annoying jobs- mopping up spilled coolant, oil or other fluids. This is a one inch thick mesh material that diffuses the drops and keeps the fluid contained in your pan. The material will keep the nuts and bolts off of the pan floor and let you speed through a job that usually involves a lot of manual mopping and wiping up of the overspray/spill. You can test the concept in your kitchen sink by pouring a cup of water over a scrub pad- Brillo etc. We have sold this product for several years on our tool route-the shops by it because they hate to have labor wasted mopping instead of using their mechanical skills...Order these for each work station/drain pan. Note: we also sell a 22in square pad that fits most of the transmissions funnels.

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