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This Site Map list all product on our website. The Product Categories are on the right. A list of all products is on the left, arranged alphabetical without regard to type or manufacture. Non-Product pages can be found at the bottom of the blue navigational bar at the left.
Here is a list of all the products in our store

 Koken Apex KO 2774P Bit Flex Head Ratchet
 ASTFZ1000 Cooling System Adapter Kit - 6 Pc.
 ASTFZ1001 Cooling System Adapter KIT
 ASTFZ1001A Cooling System Adapter Kit, 5 Pc.
 ASTFZ1002 Cooling System Adapter KIT
 ASTFZ128 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ138 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ148 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ22 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ25 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ27 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ31 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ34 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ35 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ35A Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ37 Cooling System Adapter
 ASTFZ41 Cooling System Adapter
 Leitenberger Pressure Tester
 ASTM0349 Cooling System Adapter
 Camshaft Phasing Gear Puller T40001
 ASTM0103 filter cup
 Bench top clutch alignment tool by KTC Tools of Japan
 Sir Tools BMW Camshaft Locating Set
 BMW Service Indicator Reset
 Bondhus Ball Torx Driver Set
 Bridge Analyzers
 Stahlwille Brake brush
 Drain Socket - 16m TP trisquare
 Dent-Pro DF609 Wedge Set
 Extended bit holder - 12 inch
 KD Extra long gear wrench set
 Discontinued Product
 KTC Fuel injector terminal removal and repair tool set by KTC Tools of Japan.
 Gedore Allen Wrench
 Hazet 426- Flex-Drivers
 Hazet 4684-1 or -2, Pull-Hook
 Hazet 4968- Brake Bleeder Wrench
 Hazet 2520-1 grill hook
 Hazet 985- 1/2" Dr. Stub Allen Socket
 IR2135 & IR2115 Impact Gun
 KD8911 - 11 Pc. SAE GearRatchet™ Set
 KD8914 - 14 Pc. Metric Gear Socket™ Set with unique gear socket design.
 KD8921 - 21 Pc. SAE / Metric Combination GearRatchet™ Set
 KD9520 Stubby Metric Comb GearWrench™ Set
 KD9224 Torx® Drive GearWrench™ Set
 KD 9412 GearWrench™ Set
 Knipex dolphin nose plier
 Knipex 10in. Diagonal Cutter Straight or Offset
 Knipex Pliers "Adjustable Wrench
 Knipex Pliars 7 in. 10 in, 12 in, 16 in. 22 inch.
 Koken. 2763/6 & 3763/6 Two Step Extension Set wobble extensions
 Koken 2430m Allen Socket 1/4" Dr. Universal
 Koken ko3011M/6 . Allen Socket Set 3/8" Dr. Ball End 3mm - 10mm
 Koken ko4012M -43 Allen Socket 1/2" Dr.
 Koken ko2441m/4 1/4" Universal Nut Grip Sockets
 Koken ko2430T/6 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr.
 Koken ko2440T/3 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr. Flex Female Torx® Socket Set
 Koken ko2020/4 (XZN) Set. 1/4" Dr Spline (XZN) Socket Set. 4,5,6 & 8mm
 Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Dr. SAE - Individually Or Set
 Koken ko3300C-16 Spark Plug Socket
 Koken ko3300fn Sensor Socket.
 Koken 3300M(L120) Extra Deep Sockets.
 Koken ko14124/3 Wheel lock Remover
 Koken koAG112A Attack Diver
 Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Drive Metric Individually Or Set
 Koken large dr socket
 Koken 14145PM Thin Walled Impact Sockets
 KTC BU381 Ball Bearing Puller System
 KTC atp2014 Panel Popper Kit -
 KTC Trim Tools "Flat Rate Shipping
 KTC 35 degree clip removal tool
 KTC202B 80 degree offset clip plier
 KTC CCP-190 Click Type Rivet Remover
 KTC CG617 Clutch Align System - no pilot bearing necessary!
 KTC KYTPA5a Parts Tray (special order)
 KTC Square Drain Plug Socket Set
 KTC Volvo Filter Removing Cup
 KTC .Brake repair socket
 KTC AE45T Hose Picks
 63m Filter Cup - KTC
 KTC_AMLB8 Headlight Aimer.
 Discontinued product no US distributors
 Lisle 12980 Race & Seal Drv Master Set
 Lisle 21300 13" Magnetic Bar
 Lisle 21400 24" Magnetic Tool Holder
 Lisle 28100 Torque Angle Meter
 Lisle 30500 Earless Clamp Plier
 Lisle 30800 CV Boot Plier
 Lisle 32050 Extendable Mirror
 Lisle 47900 Hose Remover Plier
 Lisle 51650 Scraper
 Lisle 52500 Stethascope
 Lisle 56750 Seal Puller
 Lisle 57900 Serpentine Belt Kit
 Lisle 63900 Window Holders
 Lisle 70500 Tap Socket Set
 Lisle 72500 Retaining Ring Plier
 Master ball driver bit set-including ball torx bits!
 Mercedes cam locks
 Metal Clad Bushing R&R Kit
 Mis.3017 Adapter. BMW and Rover Late Model Radiator Adapter
 SIR-3017 BMW Cam syncronizer BMW M42 & M50
 Mis-pan1001 Coolant Recovery System
 Mis-JLF001 Ford Cam Synchronizer Set

Ford Cam Positioner

 Mis- cruflt-250 Exhaust Tubing - 11 ft Self Coupling Lengths
 Mis-SCH88750 Schley/SP Oxygen Sensor Socket
 Mis1003. Resistance Substitution Box - Decade Box
 Mis.JL3pc Straight Edge Set
 Mis-sp62400 VW & Audi Cam Shaft Belt Tensioner - 98 and newer
 Mis-bmw3009 BMW Cooling System Adapter (Post-1988)
 Mis-M103-0040 Viscosity Fan Holding Tool
 Mis-M140-1521 Mercedes Transmission Dip Stick
 Mis-M112-0040HD Mercedes Vibration Dampner Holder
 Mercedes ML Plug Wire Boot Puller.
 Mity-Vac MV7400 Fluid Evacuator
 Newman Tools BR 25 FLEX-HONE
 Oxygen Sensor socket - deep 3/8 drive.
 KTC Parts Sorting Pans (special order)
 KTC Pilot bearing/bushing puller by KTC Tools of Japan
 Plastic Scraper / Pry Bar
 Power Probe II PP219 FTC
with case and accessories
 Power Probe pp2 Butane Torch/Soldering Kit
 Power Probe BA1 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
 Power Probe BA10 - BA11 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Camlock)
 Power Probe BA2 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
 Power Probe BA3 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
 Power Probe BA4 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
 Power Probe BA5 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Threaded)
 Power Probe BA6 - BA7 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Universal)
 Power Probe BA8 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Round Opening)
 Power Probe BA9 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Chain Hold Down)
 Power Probe II Electrical Tester
 Power Probe PPFT2030 Refractrometer (imported)
 Discontinued Product
 Power Probe Reverse Bleeding Hose
 Silvertronic 129514 rtl Automotive Test Lead Set silicone high temperature
 Silvertronic 134312 Bed Of Nails Cable Assembly Kit
 Silvertronic 134313 Pair Back Probing Probes
 Silvertronic 134316 Extended Cable Piercers
 Silvertronic 134317 10 Amp Fused Crocodile Clips
 Stahlwille Style 20 SAE Deep Offset Box End Wrench
 Stahlwille ST12800 Set of 6 mimi files by Stahlwille
 Stahlwille SF54X/4zx XZN 1/2 dr socket set 10,12,14 & 16m
 Stahlwille SF3054/5 1/2" Dr. Socket Set. German Car Mix. XZN & HEX
 Stahlwille SF54/4 1/2" Dr. Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF512SG or SF512N 1/2" Dr. Ratchets
 Stahlwille 1/4” dr. or 3/8” dr. Heavy Duty Ratchet
 Stahlwille Locking Flex Ratchet 1/4" SF416 or 3/8" SF452.
 Stahlwille SF415SGBS 1/4" Bit Holding Ratchet
 Stahlwille 415SG and 415QRL 1/4" Dr. Ratchet
 Stahlwille SF44K/5 1/4" Dr. Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF44/4 1/4" Dr. Long Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF41K/5 1/4" Dr. Screwdriver Set
 Stahlwille SF44KTX/9 Torx® Set. 1/4" Dr.
 Stahlwille SF49/7 3/8" Dr. Hex Socket Set. Metric or SAE
 Stahlwille SF2049/5 3/8" Dr. Long Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF440/4 Mercedes A/C Kit 3/8" Dr.
 Stahlwille SF435SG 3/8" Dr. Ratchet Chrome Handle
 Stahlwille SF456/13 3/8" Dr. Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF49X/4 3/8" Dr. Tri Square Set.
 Stahlwille SF1067 Socket. BMW Headbolt Socket E12
 Stahlwille Style 13 Combination Open End Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 20 Deep Offset Set Box End Wrench
 Stahlwille SF47TX/4 Torx® Socket Set. Female Torx® 3/8" Dr. Swivel
 Stahlwille SF40TX/11 Female Torx® Set. E4-E20
 Stahlwille SF21TX/4 Flat Female Torx® Wrench Set
 Stahlwille Style 27 Half Moon Wrench
 Stahlwille SF10766/9 L-Type Torx® Set T8-T40
 Stahlwille Style 14 Long Combination Metric Wrench,
 Stahlwille Style 14 Long Combo Wrench
 Stahlwille SF3008 Mercedes Fan Clutch Tool With Spinning Bits
 Stahlwille SF3004 Socket XZN Mercedes Headbolt Socket
 Stahlwille SF3045 Mercedes Oil Filter Socket
 Mercedes Oil Service Wrench 14x17mm Pt. #SF3677
 Stahlwille Style 24 Metric Line Wrench
 Stahlwille SF4797 Mini Screwdriver Set
 Stahlwille SF10507 Special BMW 3mm Hex (K-Jetronic)
 Stahlwille SF10769B/7 Tamper Proof T-Handle Torx® Set.
 Stahlwille Style 10 Open End Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 21 0 degree offset Metric Thin Box Wrench
 Stahlwille SF11050-2 Puller. Two Arm Puller
 Stahlwille Style 13 in Larger Sizes
 Stahlwille SF51 1/2" Dr. Deep thin walled sockets.
including the popular 30mm
 Stahlwille SF730N New enhanced version of the 730
 Stahlwille ST12623 Puller. Large Balljoint Puller
 Stahlwille 12616 Tierod Puller
 SF730R/5 Torque Wrench. 3/8" Dr. Torque Wrench 5-35 Ft. Lbs (6-50NM)
 3K Screwdriver Set SF4892 (8 piece set)
 SF10771/6 Torx® Set. Ball Tip L-Type Torx® Set.
 SF44KTX/13 Torx® Set. Complete Torx® Set T8-T60
 SF711NMR/12 Dial Type Torque Wrench
 SF4888A. Screwdriver Set (5 piece set)
 SF7380 Protractor 1/2 Dr. Heavy Duty
 SF721/15 Torque Wrench. Rapid Adjust Clicker Torque Wrench 30-150NM (25-110 Ft.
 SF721/30 Torque Wrench. Rapid Adjust Clicker Torque Wrench 60-300NM (50-220 Ft.
 SF721/5 Torque Wrench. Rapid Adjust Clicker Torque Wrench 6-50NM (5-36 Ft. Lbs.)
 SF730R/20 Torque Wrench 30-145 Ft. Lbs. (40-200NM)
 Streamlight Stinger
 Sir Tools toy100 Toyota Cam Seal Installer
 Sir Tools sir2705 Cam Pully Holder
 Sir Tools B90 Wheel bearing/hub puller master set.
 Sir Tools ho100 Honda Cam Seal Installer.
 Sir Tools HO105 Seal Installer - Honda Intermediate Shaft.
 Sir Tools ST6014A VW TDI CAM LOK
 Sir Tools BMW 3043 VANOS Locking Device
 Sir Tools V550 Cam Master Kit
 Sir Tools 3011 BMW Cooling System Adapter - (Works on most models built after 1988.)
 Star Products STR CLT2PB Cylinder Leak Tester
 Star Products STR30CT Compression Tester
 Star Products TU469 Fuel Preasure Gauge
 VIM_DT 6000 Upholstery Tool Set
 th1005 Thorex Hammer
 Technique Tools_BMW 7249 Bushing Puller.
 Vacula AC18-0079 Vacuum Brake Bleeder System
 VIM_DT 6100 Trim & MoldingTool Set
 VIM_V 120 Magnetic Screwdriver
 VIM HD375
 VIM HD500 - 1/2 Hand Drive Locking Extension Set.
 VIM_VIS 105 Ball-end Allen Bits Driver Set
 VIM_BHI 100 Ball & Hex Bit Set
 VIM_BHM 100 Ball & Hex Bit Set
 Vim Ball Torx Bit Set
 Vim Driver Bits
 VIM_ VIS 105 Metric Ball Hex Set
 VIM_VIS 104 Ball Hex Bit Set
 Vim_MND 900 Nut Driver set
 VIM_NDM 100 Hex Nut Driver Set
 VIM_SD4 XZN - XZN Screwdriver
 VIM_V 230 Snap Ring Plier
 VIM_V 243 Oil Filter Plier,
 VIM_FC 24 Pickup Tool
 VIM_MEG 22 Wire Puller
 VIM_V 388 Hood Prop
 VIM_V511-03 Organizing Tray
 VIM_510-03 Organizing Tray
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Glen’s Picks -- “Hard To Find Specialty Tools”
Hard To Find Specialty Tools Hand Picked By Glen.
Just Torx®
We have set aside this section of our web site for Just Torx®
Stahlwille Tools
Stahlwille makes special tools that are ideal for working on German and other European automobiles,
Stahlwille Clicker Type Torque Wrenches
These are clicker type wrenches that have a click that can be heard and felt.
Kyoto Tool
Stahlwille Ratchets And Drive Tools
- Designed to perform under rugged conditions.
Newly designed handle dramatically increases your ability to grip and apply torque.
Stahlwille Sockets
Made to exceed the standards of DIN 3124.
Stahlwille Torque Wrenches
A technological marvel: world famous for accuracy and reliability.
Ergonomically "I-Beam" designed and they are satin smooth and super comfortable.
Koken Tools

Koken is Aviation Certified and has one of the widest ranges of sockets and accessories available that exceeds JIS, DIN and ISO standards.

Koken Screw and Stud Pullers


Koken Sockets

BMW Specialty Tools
Mercedes Specialty Tools
Mercedes Specialty Tools
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Volkswagen / Audi Special Tools
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Engine, Fuel, Electrical and Coolant System Diagnostics and Test Equipment
Domestic Car Specialities
Tools for use on domestic cars - GM, Ford,Jeep and Chrysler.
Japanese / Asian Car Special Tools
Acura, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Special Tools-time savers!
KD Tools
From their beginning in 1919, KD Tools has been driven by technology and innovation.
Lisle Tools
Simple Common Sense Tools That Make Your Life Easier.
Miscellaneous Automotive Tools
Hazet Tools
Major German tool manufacturer with many special tools for European cars.
"Power Probe"
Individual Brake Bleeder Adapters
Power Probe
No Power Probe items available at this time.
Coolant System Diagnostics
VIM Tools

Offering innovative solutions to make the automotive technician’s job easier.