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Sir Tools

Specializing in innovative automotive repair tools.
In 1974 John Sir established SIR TOOLS, Making available to the automotive repair industry many of the innovative tools that he had designed and produced for his own use To this date Sir Tools continues to invent, develop ad manufacture many of the most popular special service tools on the market!

 Sir Tools BMW 3043 VANOS Locking Device
 Sir Tools B90 Wheel bearing/hub puller master set.
 Sir Tool B90-15
 Sir Tools HO105 Seal Installer - Honda Intermediate Shaft.
 Sir Tools sir2705 Cam Pully Holder
 Sir Tools 3011 BMW Cooling System Adapter - (Works on most models built after 1988.)
 Technique Tools_BMW 7249 Bushing Puller.
 Sir Tools ST6014A VW TDI CAM LOK
 Sir Tools ho100 Honda Cam Seal Installer.
 Sir Tools toy100 Toyota Cam Seal Installer
 Sir Tools V550 Cam Master Kit
 Sir Tools VW/Audi Cam lok - 5 valve
 Sir Tools VW/Audi Cam Lok - 2 valve engine
 Sir Tools Crank Lok bolt
 Sir Tools Pneumatic Brake Caliper Compressor
 SIR-3017 BMW Cam syncronizer BMW M42 & M50
 Sir Tools BMW Camshaft Locating Set
 Sir Tools VA 6040 VW/Audi brake caliper rotator
 Sir 17m Magnetic V Wrench
 Sir P217 Rivet Driver
 Sir P229 Distributor Puller
 Sir Tools ST9050 Strut Master
 Sir Tools ST9050 Strut Master
Bench Mount Option
 Sir M0050 Mercedes Timing Chain Press
 Mercedes Timing Chain Press Bits M0050-A M0050-B
 Bushing Master Kit
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Pneumatic Brake Caliper Compressor