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Sir Tools ST9050 Strut Master
Sir Tools ST9050 Strut Master

Sir Tools 9050

Portable Strut Master Strut Compressor.
Sir Has combined the best of both worlds. Portability with the power of a work station model! This exclusive self contained compressor is designed with fully adjustable jaws. It has a wide coil spring and strut application range. It is portable for convenient use, "On or Off-The-Car". A sturdy structure, it's as solid as work station models. It's light in weight with all the power of a "Heavy-Weight". Equipped with the first of its kind, exclusive safety latch mechanism. Plus it's designed for use with an impact gun. NOTE: This product qualifies for our gold seal warranty. We double the manufactures warranty to two years. This is a $50.00 value.

(See Specs Below)


  • Minimum coil size O.D. = 4.00" inches
  • Maximum coil size O.D. = 10.25" inches
  • Maximum coil thickness = 3/4" inches
  • Vertical stroke = 11.75" inches
  • Maximum bolt stress load = 10,842 lbs/ft
  • Maximum compressor stress load = 12.786 lbs/ft
  • Total weight = 25lbs.

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