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Silvertronic 134317 10 Amp Fused Crocodile Clips
Silvertronic 134317 10 Amp Fused Crocodile Clips Many auto electricians rely on the fuse within the multimeter, when it blows the meter has to be taken apart and a new fuse inserted, if this is in a break down scenario, Murphy’s law states that it will be dark and it will be raining. This kit will remove the need to continue with such practices, the crocodile clip simply unscrews and allows a new fuse to be inserted with speed and convenience. It should be noted that if the fuse blows and you do not have another to hand the meter can still be used. Each Croc clip fitted with 10 Amp 600 Volt fuse as standard. We note that a standard glass type fuse also fits. You could alter the fuse type if you needed a higher or lower rating. An excellent way to protect that Fluke 88 or other expensive electronic meter...

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