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Power Probe II Electrical Tester
Power Probe II Electrical Tester

No Power Probe items available at this time.


The Power Probe II solves 90% of the mechanics electrical test needs and does it quickly and for less than $100. This rugged unit encompases a circuit tester,continuity tester, polarity check shows power and ground, has a lighted probe with tone indicator continuity test. You hook it to the vehicle battery and use the long 20 ft lead to run all your tests. No need to hunt for ground or to go find a jumper wire, with this you always have battery ground and battery power. Power probe has a built in circuit breaker that eliminates fuse problems. Buy this item and you will wonder how you ever got along without it. On each electrical problem the Power Probe answers those basic questions: Do I have power, ground, continuity and will it function with direct battery power.

Power Probe II, With Case And Accessories


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