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"Power Probe"
Individual Brake Bleeder Adapters

Power Probe AB01 .

No Power Probe items available at this time.

Remember this orphan,?

You need to use it on some brake system flushes but oh what a mess. Those standard adapters are hard to fit, and prone to leaks and possibly onto the car's paint! Because of these serious deficiencies most shops only use a pressure bleeder as a last resort. They even pass up selling a needed brake system flush because they don't want to deal with the mess. Well now you can sell the service with no leak worries - We have found the world's best brake adapters - based on a German idea- an expanding o-ring that locks in the brake master cylinder(reservoir)- Those flimsy plastic reservoirs now have a tight fitting adapter that still has an easy to attach safety chain(with screw tension adapters). Now you can bleed those domestic models and all Japanese models as easily as you do the few European cars with the screw top ATA reservoirs.(We have separate adapter for European cars).
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Power Probe BA1 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
BA01 Brake Master Cylinder Adapter Chrysler Models with 3 tab, Twist on with Expandable O-ring.
$ 64.95
Power Probe BA2 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
BA02 Brake Master Cylinder Adapter, Ford models with a two tab plastic twist on cap.
$ 59.95
Power Probe BA3 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
BA03 3 tab, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru. Twist on with Expandable O-ring
$ 59.95
Power Probe BA4 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
BA4 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters. G.M. with 3 tab plastic twist cap. Expandable O-ring
$ 64.95
Power Probe BA5 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Threaded)
Brake reservoir adapter for the ATA brand used on Chrysler, Ford, Suzuki, Toyota and most European cars
$ 39.95
Power Probe BA6 - BA7 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Universal)
Fits: All Vehicles with a round master cylinder.
$ 109.95
Power Probe BA8 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Round Opening)
Reservoirs With Round Opening. Honda, Isuzu.
$ 59.95
Power Probe BA9 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Chain Hold Down)
Honda reservoirs with round opening.
$ 59.95
Power Probe BA10 - BA11 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters (Camlock)
Expandable O-ring w. Cam Lock Retainer. Toyota
$ 0.00
Power Probe BA14 Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters
Twin Cylinders GM & Chrysler
$ 89.95
Power Probe Bakit -1 Master Kit
$ 589.00
Power Probe Reverse Bleeding Hose
Reverse Bleeding Hose
$ 39.95
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$ 0.00