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Needs of the New Tech

This section is in response to some new technicians that wanted some suggestions as to how to accumulate their tools of the trade. This my most honest suggestions based on my 35 years of experience and the philosophy that I want absolute honest suggestions. Some of these go towards survival type tools to keep your first job and avoid those 5 year debt hogs offered by my friends with the major mobile tool companies...

Survival tools: First job flat broke but you need some tools to take on your first day. The best value with some basic utility is the $199.00 aprox tool sets in the Sears Craftsman brand. Yes a little clunky but you will get basic sockets,ratchets and wrenches. After a couple paychecks start expanding these tools with some of our recommendations.
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 Half Cut Stubby Bit Set
 Felo Set - SAE or Metric
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BMW Basic Necessities

BMW Basic Necessities

If you are starting in a shop that services BMW, here is the minimum of what you will need.