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Mueller-Kueps Suspension Wear Indicator 432 910
Mueller-Kueps Suspension Wear Indicator 432 910 An assortment of pry bars, cheater pipes, wedges and other tools have been used in an attempt to identify worn suspension parts. This simple but ingenious Suspension Wear Indicator provides a safe and effective replacement for all of those methods.
To use the tool, a tire is raised off the ground to allow clearance, then lowered until some of the vehicle’s weight rests on the tool. This allows the suspension to remain in its normal “as driven” position. With the tool positioned parallel to the tire tread, slowly rocking the handle allows the user to check for side-to-side suspension wear. Placing the tool perpendicular to the tire tread, then applying the brakes, checks forward and reverse suspension wear. Two tools can be used at once to simultaneously check for wear on both sides of a front or rear suspension. Strut bushings and bearings, link pin bushings, wheel bearings, CV axles, ball joints, tie-rod ends, steering rack mounts, torsion bar bushings and control arm bushings all can be checked for wear, play or looseness with this tool. It allows the user to positively see, feel or hear a problem while performing suspension diagnostics.
$ 108.00
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