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Miscellaneous Automotive Tools


 Mueller-Kueps Excentric Turn Chuck
 Mueller-Kueps Press and Pull Sleeve Kit
 Mueller-Kueps Universal Bearing Ring Puller
 Mueller-Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder Type 1, 2, and 3
 Mueller-Kueps Suspension Wear Indicator 432 910
 Koken Apex KO 2774P Bit Flex Head Ratchet
 Bushing Master Kit
 Stahlwille 1591N Terminal Extractors
 Stahlwille STW1556-1 Terminal Release Tool
 Stahawille 1557 Terminal Release Tool
 Electrical Terminal Extractor Set
 Stahlwille Mercedes harness release tool
 Leitenberger Pressure Tester
 JTC5610-mini ratchet bit Set
 Swivel Bit Holding T Handle
 Extended bit holder - 12 inch
 Bondhus Ball Torx Driver Set
 Drill Guide System - Metric
 Tap and Die Set
 IR2135 & IR2115 Impact Gun
 Discontinued product no US distributors
 Mis.JL3pc Straight Edge Set
 Mis- cruflt-250 Exhaust Tubing - 11 ft Self Coupling Lengths
 Mis-SCH88750 Schley/SP Oxygen Sensor Socket
 Mis-pan1001 Coolant Recovery System
 Mity-Vac MV7400 Fluid Evacuator
 Newman Tools BR 25 FLEX-HONE
 Power Probe pp2 Butane Torch/Soldering Kit
 Plastic Scraper / Pry Bar
 Sir Tools sir2705 Cam Pully Holder
 Adjustable Pin Spanner Wrench
 Sir Tools V550 Cam Master Kit
 Stahlwille ST12800 Set of 6 mimi files by Stahlwille
 th1005 Thorex Hammer
 Mis-JLF001 Ford Cam Synchronizer Set

Ford Cam Positioner

 VIM_VIS 105 Ball-end Allen Bits Driver Set
 Stahlwille Precision Feeler Gauges
 Long Magnetic Spark Socket
 Kowa Spark Plug Socket
 Koken 3/8 deep Socket set with Nutgrip system
 KTC B2107PA Unique Drop-in Palm Ratchet & Socket Kit --Shorter & Stronger--
 Splash Pad-Round
 Transmission funnel splash pad
 Fuel Line Flare Wrench
 small parts cleaning brush set - 3 pcs
 KTC atp2014 Panel Popper Kit -
 KTC heavy duty composite pry levers
 KTC VS4-3 Pick Up Tool
 Felo Wire Strippers
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