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Leitenberger - Aero wipers adjusting tools
Leitenberger - Aero wipers adjusting tools

The new generation of bracketless windscreen wipers made by Bosch, Valeo, SWF etc. and known under the brandnames Aerotwin, Flat blade, etc. require new testing and adjusting tools. The wiper blade holders (on the wiper arm) must be presented to the windscreen or rear window at a specific angle.


* wiper blades rattle/rub/squeal
* inefficient wiping
* uneven wiping
* windscreen/rear window replacement

It is essential to check the angle after every windscreen/window replacement because there is a high probability that the angle will have changed with the new windscreen/window)

1 angle measuring unit (AWPE-WE)
1 wiper blade jig (AWPEA-B)
1 wiper blade jig (AWPEA-C)
2 adjusting tools (AWPEE-Z4)
2 lever jigs (AWPE-M5)
2 lever jigs (AWPE M6)
2 lever jigs (AWPE-M8)
supplied in a solid plastic case