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KTC Socket and Drive Tools
(Kyoto Tool)

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 KTC 1/4 in Flex Ratchet- 6 in Handle
 KTC 1/4 in Long Handle Flex Head Ratchet
 KTC BR3FL 3/8 Flex Ratchet
 KTC Micro 1/4 In Flex Ratchet
 KTC Micro Flex Ratchet 3/8
 KTC B2107PA Unique Drop-in Palm Ratchet & Socket Kit --Shorter & Stronger--
 KTC BRM2 1/4 in Flat Fine-Tooth Ratchet
 KTC .Brake repair socket
 Subaru T70 Drain Socket
 KTC Square Drain Plug Socket Set
 KTC B3F-16SP magnetic plug socket w/flex extension
 KTC magnetic spark plug socket
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