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KTC BR3E ratchet
80 degree rivet remover
Connector Release Plirs
KTC Micro 1/4 In Flex Ratchet
KTC Micro 1/4 In Flex Ratchet

KTC makes the most durable and unique ratchets in the world! It is only 80m long with a very fine 36 tooth ratchet. There is a push button socket lock - essential when you are working in the places requiring this ratchet... When you examine this ratchet, you will see that in every aspect it is the best money can buy. The tight clearence and flawless finish will please the perfectioness. This ratchet can be used by all the trades including electronic technicians, auto mechanics,aircraft mechanics HVAC and other specialities. Great gift idea because absolutely no one has this product.

Note: We are looking for a few tool jobbers to help on this and other unique products. Make a referal to your tool man and we will give you a 25.00 credit when he makes his first purchase...


Check Out The 3/8 Inch Drive

KTC Micro Flex Ratchet 3/8
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