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KTC BR3E ratchet
80 degree rivet remover
KTC Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench
KTC Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench A digital torque wrench with the feel of an adjustable wrench. Storage of up to five measurements in memory ideal for frequent operations. Advanced torque measuring functions conform to international (ISO) standards.Built-in torque unit conversion function useful for maintenance on older or foreign cars. 27-135 N.m Range. Come with plastic resin case.

GEK085-W36 Torque measuring Range 7-85 Nm, Length: 275.2mm 10.83 in.
GEK135-W36 Torque measuring Range 27-135 Nm, Length: 381.2mm 15 in
GEK200-W36 Torque measuring Range 40-200 Nm, Length: 581.2mm 22.88 in.

Model selection guideline: A model in which the actual working torque value falls within 70% of the torque measuring range is recommended.

Recently we have increased our inventory of these amazing tools. This wrench has a wide applications wherever "good and tight" is not acceptable. Many performance cars as well as aircraft use aluminium fasteners(AN fittings). The ajustable spanner allows quick accurate torque setting without damage to fitting or perhaps catastropic failures due to over or under tightening.  The tool also has the ability to set high and low limits with sound and visual warnings. We offer a one year warranty against defects. This adjustable spanner torque wrench is well suited for tightening hydraulic flare fitting avoiding a leading cause of leaks(over or under torque).

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