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KTC BR3E ratchet
80 degree rivet remover
KTC AE931 and AE932 Clip Pliers
KTC AE92 Clip Pliers

This is the answer for every technician that has to fight any spring type hose clamp. This is an adjustable plier with a 20m wide jaw that has a waffle pattern gripping surface. It will grab from any angle- very easy to use and works on virtually all spring tension clamps. This is a major seller on our tool route and is a basic tool for today's technician. Note;THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED; New part number is AE931. It is now made with a relocated pivot that allows a longer reach and wider opening jaw. There is also a new compact version with a 25 degree offset nose part number AE932. The shorter offset pliers has applications where access is an issue such as removing thermostat hose clamps on Mercedes or Toyota Prius ...

Npte: See pull down menu for a promotional price on the  three essential hose clamp tools from KTC: AE931 and AE932 waffle nose pliers and the AE921 hose clamp vise.  


See these unique hose clamp and hose removal tools: KTC AE921hose clamp vise) KTC AE45T(hose remover hook set)Link below.

KTC clamp tool-Apply power of a vise to spring tension hose clamps...
KTC AE45T Hose Picks
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