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KTC BR3E ratchet
80 degree rivet remover
Connector Release Plirs
KTC 35 degree clip removal tool
KTC 35 degree clip removal tool

This 35 degree offset head plier allows the technician/body repair person to easily grab the stubborn plastic body rivets/body clips or push pin retainers on fender liners,door panels and other areas. The unique slim head allows the plier to slip under the rivet and compress the ears for easy removal. The pliers also allow easy installation of rivets with a second jaw position for rivet holding. Most car manufacturers use these rivets but special note is made of Honda,Nissan Ford and Jaguar applications. Note thi is a JDM tool- Japanese Domestic Market product. It is the highest quality product that can be produced- buy with confidence. href="http://thetoolnetwork.com/trim_and_molding_tools.html">Check Out The Rest Of Our Trim & Molding Tools

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