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KTC 1/4 in Long Handle Flex Head Ratchet
KTC 1/4 in Long Handle Flex Head Ratchet
Only the Japanese with an exceptional company such as KTC would attempt such a product. Long handle ratchets are notorious money pits because the physical advantage of the long handle are irresitable to most mechanics. They just cannot believe that a long handle can triple the force on the ratchet end- a stout 25 pound pull becomes 75 lbs at the nose. Even with this built in problem, we think most mechanics would love this ratchet- The small head and its fine 36 tooth ratchet make it a godsend in many every day situations. We are ahead of the game in the service area- we stock a repair kit for this ratchet(not a warranty item!). Repair kit is a reasonable $16.95. Knowing this expense, we still recommend this product. The push button socket lock prevents premature release of sockets. Everyone remembers times when the drop of a socket would create a major problem. You save aggrevation and expense with this tool.

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