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KTC BR3E ratchet
KTC202B 80 degree offset clip plier
KTC202B 80 degree offset clip plier

These pliers will countless hours of fighting to remove those plastic body rivets/push pin body clips that are buried in inaccessable places-such as those front bumper supports on Honda Odyssey as well as Nissan and Toyota. The plastic rivets are used by most auto manufactures and every technician and body repair person must fight them. These pliers have a very thin and strong offset tip that allows easy removal of the rivet. The plier also has a second position on the jaw that lets the rivet ears be compressed for easy installation. Special thanks for discovering this unique Japanese tool to the Honda owners club.We are offering a $10.00 bonus with every KTC order. Now get a KTC screwdriver(BAD-75) and a copy of our exclusive tool inventory book(handy for insurance and tool management...).

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