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KTC BR3E ratchet
80 degree rivet remover
KTC heavy duty composite pry levers

KTC201H3 heavy duty plastic pry levers

This is a heavy duty version of our top selling Panel Popper set. Made of a reinforced composite material (non conducting), it is designed for levering off glued pieces, including window glass and plastic inserts. Will not damage painted surfaces. This tool is used by Asian car manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda as well as hundreds of vehicle service technicians. Like all KTC brand tools this is a JDM(Japanese domestic tool). It is a premium quality product. Available in 3 Pc. or 5 Pc. set.
This type of rugged composite lever is sometimes referred to as "bones". It is a perfect companion for our more pliable best selling plastic panel popper set.

 Note: Please use the pull down menu to order three or five piece sets.

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