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What is KooLTek 1.0?

Leitenberger's KooLTek 1.0 is just about the fastest, most reliable and easiest Cooling System Multi Analyser you will ever use. Customers and colleagues will be amazed at your skills of diagnosing cooling system problems by using the KooLTek 1.0. By utilizing workshop compressed air, it frees up the operator to work on other projects while accurately diagnosing defective head gaskets, welsh plugs, water pumps, heater circuit, radiator leaks and even thermostats. The KooLTek 1.0 can also be left overnight to detect even the most elusive cooling system leaks.

Are there more advantages?

KooLTek 1.0 can be used in car for monitoring a vehicle's cooling system performance under real conditions or with the engine running while stationary. Unlike other testing devices, KooLTek 1.0 will test with maximum pressure from cold. The attachment system means that it can be tested without the need or complications of additional and costly adapters.

Is it suitable for all engines?

KooLTek 1.0 is suitable for all engines as long as they are liquid cooled: 4 stroke, 2 stroke, diesel, carbureted, fuel injected, turbo or supercharged and in any application including automotive, motorcycles, marine, agricultural, aero, stationary or mobile. In fact, anywhere, anytime you have access to compressed air. All sizes and configurations of cooling systems can be tested.

Why is it different and better?

KooLTek 1.0 taps directly into the engines cooling system thereby avoiding false or misleading readings through conventional radiator cap attachment systems

Does it have further applications?

KooLTek 1.0 can also be used to test Turbo operating boost pressures, turbo intercooler leakage, confirm pressure gauge calibrations, ignition and fuel pressure cut-outs and electronic fuel injection system

How will it save me money?

KooLTek 1.0 will reduce workshop time by removing the need to physically monitor the testing process freeing up the mechanic for other tasks.

Testing facilities:

  • cooling system pressure and leak test (0-3 psi)
  • opening and closing pressures of the original cap
  • cylinder head gasket
  • engine block for locating cracks
  • thermostat check (0 -120 C, 32 - 248 F)

Recent purchasers include a leading San Francisco Bay area BMW dealer and one of the top independent shops in Walnut Creek, California.