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KTC BR3E ratchet
Koken Z-Series

Koken Tools launched a new line of products with the Z-Series, including various types of sockets and socket sets, ratchets, hinge handles, extension bars, universal joints and quick spinners. These tools offer a variety of custom modifications adapted to better satisfy customer needs. The compact design of these tools is 5-9mm shorter than standard designs, making them ideal from working in tight areas. Manufacturing tolerances of the hexagon opening and square drive are precisely controlled, and the tight tolerances and ball mechanism gives a secure connection between the socket and handle.

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on individual tools in this category.
You may call us for price and availability on any item.
Soon we will have items listed individually.
Click on image above to open PDF file for specs
on individual tools in this category.
Here are the products in this category which are in are active inventory: RS2400MZ/12 1/4 in compact socket set RS2300XZ/9 1/4 in semi deep socket set RS2300MZ/12 1/4 in deep socket set RS2025Z/7-L28 1/4 in torx socket set 2725Z 1/4 ratchet 2726Z 1/4 flex ratchet RS3400MZ/12 3/8 compact socket set 2725Z-3/8 ratchet 3725Z 3/8 ratchet 3726Z 3/8 flex ratchet 3726ZS 3/8 stub flex ratchet
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