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Koken Torx Nutgrip Sockets For BMW In Line Six Cylinder Engine

Koken Torx Nutgrip Sockets For BMW In Line Six Cylinder Engine
This is a unique design developed after a two years effort. These are the four sizes (E10,12,14,20), used in the new BMW in line six cylinder engine- first seen†on the 2004 630i. These sockets fit the alumimum and magnesium torx head fasteners used on the engine and transmission of this new generation of BMW. Each socket features a retaining system that utilized a small detent ball held in place with a spring. We have sold other regular sockets with this system for years. The system really shines in these new BMW components. The fasteners are not magnetic. You must use a retaining system(paper,dumdum, or tape) every time you remove a fastener. The engine support bracket fastener is buried in a u channel- our E10 torx nutgrip socket makes this a breeze not a exercise in frustration. We should note that there are a couple of large E20 applications with unique "skirted" shallow torx fasteners that frustrate†our retaining system, we can still drive them but no guarantee on the retaining aspects. BMW has announced that this new engine will be used in 50% of their product line within a couple years.† BMW mechanics be forewarned!†

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