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KTC BR3E ratchet

Koken Tools

The Koken trademark was registered in 1940 and since that time has been a name that sets the standard for high quality professional tools. Every Koken tool is designed and built to exceed the requirements of it's intended use.

 Koken 3753SM 3/8"sq.dr.
 Koken Apex KO 2774P Bit Flex Head Ratchet
 Koken. 2763/6 & 3763/6 Two Step Extension Set wobble extensions
 Koken 14145PM Thin Walled Impact Sockets
 Koken AN14300m Aluminum Sockets
 Koken koAG112A Attack Diver
 Koken 3112G Attack Driver
 Koken ko14124/3 Wheel lock Remover
 Koken Impact Grade Double Universal Joint
 Koken ko2441m/4 1/4" Universal Nut Grip Sockets
 Koken 3441 3/8 Universal Nut Grip Socket
 Koken 2430m Allen Socket 1/4" Dr. Universal
 Koken ko2430T/6 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr.
 Koken ko2440T/3 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr. Flex Female Torx® Socket Set
 Koken 113UN - 150 Flex Socket
 Koken 4425N Ⓡ TORX Socket
 Koken 4425-E20N Special Torx Socket
 Koken 4012A-60 1/2
 Koken RS4400M/10 1/2" Drive Metric Socket Set
 Koken RS4400A/10 1/2" Drive SAE Socket Set
 Koken ko3011M/6 . Allen Socket Set 3/8" Dr. Ball End 3mm - 8mm
 Koken RS3025/9-PR
 Koken ko4012M -43 Allen Socket 1/2" Dr.
 Koken P2258M Set
 Koken ko2020/4 (XZN) Set. 1/4" Dr Spline (XZN) Socket Set. 4,5,6 & 8mm
 Koken Torx Nutgrip Sockets For BMW In Line Six Cylinder Engine
 Koken RS2450MS/6 1/4 in. Nut-Grip Socket Set
 Koken 3/8 Dr. Nut-Grip Socket Set
 Koken 3/8 deep Socket set with Nutgrip system
 Koken 3300M(L120) Extra Deep Sockets.
 Koken ko3300C-16 Spark Plug Socket
 Koken ko3300fn Sensor Socket.
 Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Dr. SAE - Individually Or Set
 Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Drive Metric Individually Or Set
 Koken 3405W/8 Whitworth Socket Set
 Koken large dr socket
 Koken 154M Ratcheting Ring Wrench
 Koken T Handle Allen Drivers
 Koken Z-EAL 1/4" Dr. 6 Pnt. Socket Rail Set RS2400MZ/12
 Koken short Universal Joint - 2771 - 3771 - 4771
 Koken 14300m 1/2" Sq. Dr. 6 Point Deep Socket
 Koken 3/8" Sq. Dr. Pathfinder Deep Socket
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