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Koken Sockets

Koken has a huge range of sockets available in 6 point, 12 point, standard and deep, impact, torx, internal torx, allen key, universal, bit sockets, nut grip, spline, adaptors, etc. from 1/4" drive to 2.1/2" drive. Because of the 'cold forging' process, all Koken sockets are extremely accurate with sizing. Cold forging is a process where the steel used is softened and then forced into the socket die. Because there is no expansion and contraction of the steels molecular structure, the accuracy of the sockets measurements are exact.This is one of the few sources in the world for industrial size sockets up to 8 inches in diameter! Koken sockets are available in two basic configurations. The first is a flat drive which is designed to maximize contact with the nut. This reduces damage to the surface. The second configuration is a surface drive or flank type drive. It is configured to maximize the power transmitted to the fastener by applying force lower on the flats. This is good for worn fasteners or fasteners that are polished where you want to minimize the contact area. when requesting a price you can specify your preferred drivesystem.

 Koken ko3300fn Sensor Socket.
 Koken 14145PM Thin Walled Impact Sockets
 Koken ko3300C-16 Spark Plug Socket
 Koken 3/8 deep Socket set with Nutgrip system
 Koken 3300M(L120) Extra Deep Sockets.
 Koken 3350M (L120) Extra Deep Socket 10mm and 12mm
 Koken RS2450MS/6 1/4 in. Nut-Grip Socket Set
 Koken. 2763/6 & 3763/6 Two Step Extension Set wobble extensions
 Koken ko2441m/4 1/4" Universal Nut Grip Sockets
 Koken ko14124/3 Wheel lock Remover
 Koken ko4012M -43 Allen Socket 1/2" Dr.
 Koken ko3011M/6 . Allen Socket Set 3/8" Dr. Ball End 3mm - 8mm
 Koken ko2440T/3 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr. Flex Female Torx® Socket Set
 Koken ko2020/4 (XZN) Set. 1/4" Dr Spline (XZN) Socket Set. 4,5,6 & 8mm
 Koken ko2430T/6 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr.
 Koken large dr socket
 Koken 2430m Allen Socket 1/4" Dr. Universal
 Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Drive Metric Individually Or Set
 Koken Stud Extractor 1/2" Dr. SAE - Individually Or Set
 Koken KO2257M Koken 1/4in. Socket Set
 Koken ESI4251M-10 industrial metric socket set-1/2drive
 Koken 3/8 drive industrial impact socket Metric 9-22m
 Koken 4425-E20N Special Torx Socket
 Koken 4133 - 33 Point Diesel Fuel Injection pump Socket
 Koken RS2400W Whitworth Socket Set
 Koken RS3400W Whitworth Socket Set
 Koken 3405W/8 Whitworth Socket Set
 Koken 3025-50 IP TORX PLUS T40 and T45
 Koken 13301 M - 8mm
 Koken 13400-10 WN 3/8in drive and 14400-10 WN 1/2in drive Weld nut socket.
 Koken 3415A 11/32 Box of 10
 Koken 14300m 1/2" Sq. Dr. 6 Point Deep Socket
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