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High Performance Pliers

KNIPEX specialises in the development and production of high-quality pliers and is Europe's leading manufacturer of these products.

 Knipex dolphin nose plier
 Knipex 10in. Diagonal Cutter Straight or Offset
 Knipex Pliers "Adjustable Wrench
 Knipex Pliars 7 in. 10 in, 12 in, 16 in. 22 inch.
 Knipex mini Electricians’ Pliers
 KNIPEX 71 01 200 Compact Bolt Cutter
 Knipex Large Capacity Ratcheting Cable Cutter
 Knipex ratchet action cable cutter
 Knipex 1099 1099k, Oetiker clamp pliers
 Knipex 91 92 180 Hog Ring Pliers
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