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KD Tools

From their beginning in 1919, KD Tools has been driven by technology and innovation.

This innovation began with the invention of a Valve Spring Lifter for the Ford Model T and has continued with the innovative GearWrench™ - a line of high quality, ratcheting box wrenches. The ratcheting box end design allows access to tight spots where a ratchet and socket or a conventional box end will not fit. Requires as little as 5 degrees of movement to turn a fastener.

One of their more recent innovations is the GearRatchet™ and "Pass through" socket system. This system eliminates the need for deep sockets and will quickly convert to a conventional ratchet for standard sockets. The Vortex™ fully hardened Chrome Vanadium Steel thin wall socket design has the same torque strength as ordinary sockets. Over all height is reduced by as much as 50%, width by 20%. The unique fine tooth 5º ratchet handle (GearRatchet™)increases torque strength by as much as 40% and needs as little as 5º of arc.

A work in Process. Items Added Dailey. “KEEP CHECKING BACK”

 KD9224 Torx® Drive GearWrench™ Set
 KD9520 Stubby Metric Comb GearWrench™ Set
 KD 9412 GearWrench™ Set
 KD8911 - 11 Pc. SAE GearRatchet™ Set
 KD8914 - 14 Pc. Metric Gear Socket™ Set with unique gear socket design.
 KD8921 - 21 Pc. SAE / Metric Combination GearRatchet™ Set
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