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Just Torx®

We have set aside this section of our web site for Just Torx®
As the use of Torx® style fasteners has become more and more prevalent in the automotive world the necessity for the professional mechanic to have access to the proper tool is essential. If you need a Torx® Tool this is the place.

This new concept ball torx driver is a must have tool for every new car mechanic.
Ball Torx® Driver Set
Almost 25% Offset Angle Make The Impossible Job Possible.
Torx®, Torx®, Torx®, Torx®, Torx®

 Stahlwille SF47TX/4 Torx® Socket Set. Female Torx® 3/8" Dr. Swivel
 Stahlwille SF40TX/11 Female Torx® Set. E4-E20
 KD9224 Torx® Drive GearWrench™ Set
 Stahlwille SF21TX/4 Flat Female Torx® Wrench Set
 KTC TWEE3L Torx® Wrench Set- long flat Double Box-End
 Stahlwille SF44KTX/9 Torx® Set. 1/4" Dr.
 SF10771/6 Torx® Set. Ball Tip L-Type Torx® Set.
 SF44KTX/13 Torx® Set. Complete Torx® Set T8-T60
 Koken Torx Nutgrip Sockets For BMW In Line Six Cylinder Engine
 Stahlwille SF10766/9 L-Type Torx® Set T8-T40
 Koken ko2430T/6 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr.
 Koken ko2440T/3 Torx® Socket Set. 1/4" Dr. Flex Female Torx® Socket Set
 Bondhus Ball Torx Driver Set
 Vim Ball Torx Bit Set
 Master ball driver bit set-including ball torx bits!
 Vim HCT1050 1/2" Cut Torx
 Stahlwille 4750L/4 Four Piece Extra Long Torx Set
 Stahlwille 4750-T10 Torx R&R BMW Indicator Display
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