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Hazet Tools

Hazet Logo Major German tool manufacturer with many special tools for European cars.
If you have owned a German Car, or worked on European cars, Hazet is probably a familiar name. Hazet produces one of the largest tool lines in the world. Mercedes,BMW,VW & Audi all use Hazet special tools. Many other industries are covered by this world leading company. When the name says Hazet you can be assured of the finest quality tool.

 Hazet 985- 1/2" Dr. Stub Allen Socket
 Hazet 3400 Hazet 2592 Alternator Socket
 Hazet 426- Flex-Drivers
 Hazet 4968- Brake Bleeder Wrench
 Hazet 4684-1 or -2, Pull-Hook
 Hazet 2520-1 grill hook
 Hazet 1849-1 Spark Plug Boot Puller
 Hazet 1849-2 Long Reach Plug Wire Puller
 Hazet 2739 G-T50
 Hazet 2740
 Hazet 2769
 Hazet 2742-13
 Hazet 2760
 HAZET 190L, Metal Tool Box
 HAZET 1959-3, Special Bumping Mallet
 Hazet 2169 Oil Filter Wrench
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No longer made by Hazet. Gedore now builds these unique swivel allen wrenches.. This is the smallest clearance tool on the market.

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