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Glen Alcorn founded the first Tool Network mobile route on April 1, 1979. This section of our web site is directed to customers that utilize this unique service.

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Glen's Notes

There have been several tool dealers over the years that have purchased some of my more unique tools. I now have enough unique products in the KTC line and some misc items that I am actively looking for more wagon jobbers. If anyone makes a referal of a wagon jobber(tool dealer) that becomes a qualifying wholesale customer, We will credit your account with $50. to be spent on anything you want on our website... Email referals are also appreciated. Over the years I have always been overwhelmed by the kindness of our customers. It has been a major assistance to hear from so many of you your suggestions for this new "Web business". I regret that we cannot give you individual credit because we would lose any merchandise content with the acknowledgment of your efforts. If your idea doesn't show up quickly, it may be due to the size of this job. We want to catalog and present a large sample of the thousands of products we sell. Your invaluable suggestions make this an achievable goal.

One of my favorite stops on my route

One of the highlights of my recent high school reunion was my discovery that I had a classmate that has become a master knife maker. I encourage everyone to check out Rusty Preston's website. www.prestoncustomknives.com Rusty should be selling at the Atlanta Knive show as well as on-line.

Simply The Finest Automatic Knives Available!

If you see something you like let me know.

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