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Glenís Picks -- ďHard To Find Specialty ToolsĒ

Glen Alcorn Hard To Find Specialty Tools Hand Picked By Glen.
The tools in this category are hand picked by Glen and are the hottest sellers on his very successful route. You may find them duplicated elsewhere on the web site. They are placed here for your convenience.
On April Fools Day of 1979, Glen founded Tool Network.

Glen certainly proved to be nobodyís fool when it comes to supplying his customers with what they want and need.
Glen has made it his mission to seek out and stock the unique tools that make a mechanicsí job easier.
In September of 2003 Tool Network was introduced to the World Wide Web, giving Professional Mechanics and Tool Distributors everywhere access to Glenís expertise.


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 Bushing Master Kit
 Stahlwille ST12623 Puller. Large Balljoint Puller
 Stahlwille 12616 Tierod Puller
 Stahlwille SF11050-2 Puller. Two Arm Puller
 Knipex 10in. Diagonal Cutter Straight or Offset
 Knipex Pliars 7 in. 10 in, 12 in, 16 in. 22 inch.
 Knipex Pliers "Adjustable Wrench
 Koken koAG112A Attack Diver
 Koken Apex KO 2774P Bit Flex Head Ratchet
 th1005 Thorex Hammer
 Koken ko14124/3 Wheel lock Remover
 KTC atp2014 Panel Popper Kit -
 KTC B2107PA Unique Drop-in Palm Ratchet & Socket Kit --Shorter & Stronger--
 VIM_VIS 105 Ball-end Allen Bits Driver Set
 Mis-pan1001 Coolant Recovery System
 Knipex dolphin nose plier
 Basic Electronics Refresher Course
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