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Newman Tools BR 25 FLEX-HONE
Newman Tools BR 25 FLEX-HONE
  • Ten seconds of forward and reverse rotation transfers the recommended OEM circular style, cross-hatch pattern to brake rotors & flywheels.
  • Specially positioned Aluminum Oxide balls level off the spiral grooves created by brake lathes, the prime cause of friction induced brake noise.
  • Removes the ripped, torn and folded metal fragments formed by lathe cutting blades during the surfacing and/or truing process.
  • A net cost of only about .10˘ per brake rotor... not the typical .40˘ - .50˘ popular scotch pads and sanding type discs cost.
  • Honing lowers harmonic vibrations created by surface irregularities, thus reducing annoying high pitched squeal & groan.
  • Easily produce a true Plateau Finish on the rotor like professionals at the factory do... only without the $3000. milling machine.
  • Forget changing sandpaper or discs every other rotor... the hone lasts for months!

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