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Diagnostic Test Equipment

Engine, Fuel, Electrical and Coolant System Diagnostics and Test Equipment
Every mechanic must have a variety of tools to test every condition of todays automobiles. In this section we present products that have been used and evaluated on our tool route. They represent unusual value and utility. As a group it represents the core diagnostic tools which each mechanic should be familiar and have access. This section is always under development because those cars just keep changing...

 Discontinued Product
 Star Products STR CLT2PB Cylinder Leak Tester
 Star Products STR30CT Compression Tester
 Star Products TU469 Fuel Preasure Gauge
 Mis1003. Resistance Substitution Box - Decade Box
 Smoke Pro Total Tech
 Smoke Pro Universal Filler Neck Connector
 Smoke Pro Video Clips
 AMP CLAMP- Extech
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