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Discontinued product no US distributors
 The Cooling system pressure testerís high volume pump makes it easy to pressurize the cooling system with fewer strokes of the plunger.   
 It comes with a flexible hose and a quick coupler which allows you to connect to cooler inlets with hard to reach angles.  
 The built in pressure release valve allows relieving pressure from the system before disconnecting. 
 Leaks can be quickly tested by reading the pressure gauge. If the pressure drops on the gauge, then there is a leak in the system. Note: This system is made in Germany. It has very low profile adapters which make it easy to connect the pump. It will work with all the factory OEM adapters with European manufacturers. We have sold this pump under different labels for years- it by far the best quality unit. It pumps fast and has had a trouble free history. These adapters sell for $50. on up- count the number supplied and you will appreciate the savings.

  • High volume pressure pump in durable plastic Relief valve
  • Pressure gauge with rubber protection
  • Flexible hose with quick coupler
  • Adapters for American, Asian and European vehicles
  • Expandable set

Included adapters:

  • K 60 American vehicles, Chrysler Voyager, Mini, Mercedes-Benz C-class until 1994, SLK, CLK
  • KS 22 Porsche 911, Boxster, Audi A8 V6
  • KS 32S BMW 3-, 5-, 7-, X- series
  • KS 38 Volkswagen until 1997
  • KS 42 BMW 3-series until 1998, Z3
  • KS 65 Volkswagen from 1998 on, Audi A3, A4, A6, TT
  • KS 81 Mercedes-Benz C-, E- ,S- class
  • KS 83 Mercedes-Benz M-class, Land Rover Freelander from 2003 on, Jeep Cherokee TD
  • KS 84 BMW 5-series from 2003 on
  • KS 90 Japanese vehicles

  • Other adapters on request.