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Mis-pan1001 Coolant Recovery System
Mis-pan1001 Coolant Recovery System This product has been called the world's most expensive drain pan. In reality it is a sophisticated coolant recovery system. The coolant falls onto a filter media very similar to the product used in modern race car fuel tanks. The cell structure stops splashing and keeps dropped parts on top of the media for easy recovery. The pan holds aprox. 8 gallons and can be drained from any of the corner poor spouts. The rugged composition pan has four swivel casters for easy movement. We have sold hundreds of these units over the years. With few exceptions these products have rendered many years of trouble free use. Shops that use this system receive immediate labor savings on every use. You really don't want to pay a mechanic to mop up coolant. In addition the reuse of coolant is now mandated by federal law and this products makes it easy! In northern California alone this tool is a basic tool for hundreds of shops and dealerships.

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