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Bridge Analyzers
Bridge Analyzers

This is one product where we have sold several units on our tool routes and also have visited the factory in Alameda, Calif. The president of Bridge Analyzer, Bob Schrader, is a frequent contributor on the IATN forum- where he shares his 20 + years of experience designing gas analyzers. His professional approach shows in these industry leading designs.

The units meet and exceed all industry standards. They are designed for the shop environment. The common maintenance items such as filters are easily replaced by the user. In the words lifted from their on line brochure, Bridge Analyzers are:
  • Inexpensive, full-featured infrared gas analyzer
  • Small, lightweight, and rugged
  • Real time Lambda/air fuel ratio calculated using HC, O2, CO and NOx gas measurements
  • Instant on - gas data in 30 seconds
  • Full accuracy in 5 minutes
  • Large, easy to read LED displays
  • Automatic "single button" analyzer zero function
  • No need to remove probe from exhaust
  • Automatic water trap purge during analyzer zero
  • Inexpensive, operator accessible filters
  • On-board rechargeable battery gives up to 2 hours
  • roaming capability
  • Serial (RS232) PC/printer built-in interface
  • 1-year / 1-day repair or exchange warranty
We sell 4 gas, 5 gas and a nox only tester. The 4 gas sells for $2850, the 5 gas $3275. See Specs HERE . The Nox Only tester is aprox. $2000. See Specs HERE. There is one extra we like to sell - a small bag of extra filters for $110.. Which can be ordered HERE .. The only other costs can be for occasional replacement of the small reference gas bottles. This analyzer is by far the least expensive analyzer we sell. You will not have any of the usual high monthly maintenance fees associated with full size machines or expensive downtime on those units sold by brand X dealers... You need a portable unit to measure nox in a similar mode to dyno tests- don't be surprised by nox failure.

Extra Filters For Bridge Analyzers
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