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BMW Specialty Tools

A Work in Process, Items Added Dailey. “KEEP CHECKING BACK”

 Koken Torx Nutgrip Sockets For BMW In Line Six Cylinder Engine
 Stahlwille SF3054/5 1/2" Dr. Socket Set. German Car Mix. XZN & HEX
 Stahlwille SF1067 Socket. BMW Headbolt Socket E12
 Stahlwille SF10507 Special BMW 3mm Hex (K-Jetronic)
 Stahlwille SF51 1/2" Dr. Deep thin walled sockets.
including the popular 30mm
 Mis.3017 Adapter. BMW and Rover Late Model Radiator Adapter
 Sir Tools 3011 BMW Cooling System Adapter - (Works on most models built after 1988.)
 Mis-bmw3009 BMW Cooling System Adapter (Post-1988)
 ASTFZ1002 Cooling System Adapter KIT
 SIR-3017 BMW Cam syncronizer BMW M42 & M50
 Sir Tools BMW 3043 VANOS Locking Device
 Technique Tools_BMW 7249 Bushing Puller.
 4873 hub puller axle installer - European pattern
 BMW Service Indicator Reset
 Sir Tools BMW Camshaft Locating Set
 AST BMW Line Disconnect Tool
 BMW Timing Set for N52/N54 Engines
 KTC E1188 BMW(N51/N52) Exhaust Camshaft Upper and Lower Bearing Strip Fixture Installation
 Bushing Master Kit
 BMW head bolt socket- E12 Torx socket
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