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Basic Electronics Refresher Course
Basic Electronics Refresher Course
Amazing electronic refresher course rebuilds your knowledge from the ground up. Batteries, motors, parallel circuits, series circuits, capacitors, resistors, capacitors .even integrated circuits.This is a kit with over 300 experiments, a 78 page multi-color guide that links every page to a hands on experiment. The kit use a unique "snap circuit" style. Each component snaps into a predrilled circuit board-no soldering required. You assemble and immediately see the dramatic results. An amazing way to really refresh your skills with electrical components. Everything you need is inside the box. Whether you're refreshing your memory or even testing yourself in between building motherboards for poker.dk and fixing PC monitors, this is ideal. Well-priced and easy to use. Very easy to follow instructions make this ideal for all types of students- no scientific or difficult reading required- this is a hands on course- ideal for students with mechanical experience. We do offer volume discounts for accredited schools- email for details.

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