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    Since its establishment, Kyoto Tool has remained faithful to its founding principle – “to design and manufacture light, strong, and highly functional tools.” The company has been rewarded for this resolute approach with a record of continual growth. KTC’s reputation for high quality and reliability are proven by their long-term business with Toyota Motor Corporation. Superior quality and original designs have enabled KTC to dominate the tool market. In fact, Kyoto Tool is rated first in Japan for the variety and quantity of their hand tools. NePros is the topbrand of KTC. This brand was derived from the expertise of KTC’s many years of hand tool manufacturing expertise.

    KTC atp2014 Panel Popper Kit
    KTC atp2014 Panel Popper Kit - plastic wedge/pry/pullers
    KTC AE45T Hose Picks
    .Hose removing 3 pcs pick set by KTC - very unusual shapes
    KTC_AMLB8 Headlite Aimer.
    KTC BU381 Ball Bearing Puller System
    KTC_BZ25_10H - 10mm Brake Repair Socket
    .Brake repair socket by KTC fits 10mm brake line nuts or bleeder screws.
    KTC, CCP-190 Rivet Remover
    .Knife edge plier for removing plastic rivets - unique KTC design
    KTC CG617 Clutch Align System - no pilot bearing necessary!
    .KTC Clutch Align Set - Works on cars without pilot bearings or bushings!
    KTC KYTPA5a Parts Tray
    .Stainless Steel Parts Trays
    Featured Items
    Panel Popper Kit
    Perfect for working on interiors panels, plastic decorative inserts, door moldings, etc.