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KTC magnetic spark plug socket

14m (9/16) KTC magnetic spark plug socket

The 14m (9/16) socket works on the new Mercedes AMG engines. It is not a good fit for the Ford F150 engine. Other applications include Nissan and other Japanese auto and motorcycles. Check your owners manual for recommendations. The 14m size works on the new Mercedes AMG engines.

Note: We also stock a 16m or 5/8 magnetic spark plug socket by KTC. See pull down menu for price.

This plug has a slim profile(matches the OEM product dimension) and has a strong magnet to grip those little spark plugs. It will also fit in the manifold of those Japanese rice rocket motorcycles that use this size plug.

*13m Special order. There are several vehicles that now use a 12 pt 14m spark plug socket. These include new Mercedes and BMW direct injected engines. We stock the KTC magnetic 12 pt socket.
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